The traditional approach to hiring does not work in today’s tighter labor market.

Finding the right person for your company often entails employing multiple advertising venues trying to locate and attract candidates. It’s also costly in terms of your investment in time for assessment, observation, evaluation and training. Yet even after this process and expense, many newly hired candidates are ill suited for the position and find it difficult to adapt to your company’s culture.

Gennex Resourcing is your answer.

What makes us unique in the overcrowded field of search firms is three fold: Our understanding and cost-effective use of both traditional and web-based media to attract applicants, our tested screening methodology and your direct access to senior staff. Before we consider any applicants, we meet with you to profile your organization, and develop a thorough and personal understanding of your precise requirements. These on-site visits help us determine your company’s unique culture. Then we develop an advertising plan to attract and interest ideal candidates for your business.

Candidates are first screened to assess their strengths and weaknesses. Those that pass then go through an extensive interview process at which point they are familiarized with the culture of your company. They are interviewed to determine their skills, goals emotional maturity. In this way we can be confident about our recommendations. After placement, we follow up to ensure all your expectations have been met.