Gennex Resourcing offers recruiting services in the following areas:

In this rapidly changing world, hiring a person who has the correct qualifications and who can fit right into the team can seem impossible. Hiring someone who is suited to neither the position nor the team can cost your company time, thousands in dollars in training—and possibly business.

Gennex can assist you through every step of the screening process. To ensure that the selected candidate is a perfect fit for your organization, we will profile your organization first before we profile any candidates. Then through our Web screening program we can screen your candidates and provide you with strengths, weaknesses, how long of a ramp up time, the amount of money this person will make, questions to ask during your interview, and a hire – no hire decision.

Gennex Resourcing is the recruiting firm that can help you avoid costly mistakes!

Our recruiting methodology is simple.

We develop a thorough understanding of what our clients are looking to do. We are interested in learning about the specific role they are looking to fill as well as the people that the prospective candidate will likely interact with. Also, we really try to get a feel for the culture and environment that a new employee will step into. This is a very important consideration at Gennex.
We use our extensive resources to identify a group of ideal candidates whom we meet with in person. We then make our evaluations and recommend that our clients meet with only the precious few that fit the bill.