We are looking for an ambitious partner who is looking to make a lot of money for their door to door sales efforts in South Florida.

About Us:

We specialize in insurance paid construction in the State of Florida.  We are a high quality roofing and restoration company rated Best In Naples in 2018 & 2019.  We put enormous resources into representing homeowners to support their insurance claim for weather related damages on their roof.  We provide value by conducting a total restoration including the best premium roof money can buy, exterior paint, gutters, flashings, and cages using only the highest quality materials and installation methods.  We use a ‘tag and stick’ 2 ply system which is has the highest moment of resistance and leaves no protrusions in the underlayment.  This increases the break strength of new tiles by 40% and increase the insulation value of the roof by R-3.

Our Process:

We are a restoration company first and foremost.  Before we commence on the rebuild, we handle every phase of the pre-construction process including:

  1. Professional diagnostics team on the ground to start the process.
  2. Forensic engineering team which conducts a thorough investigation / gathering of evidence to prove causation beyond a reasonable doubt.
  3. Plaintiff legal team constantly in court fighting the insurance companies through the settlement process.

Your Outside Sales Partner Role:

Your role is to canvas neighborhoods in South Florida with single family homes to generate qualified leads for our diagnostics team.  We expect you to knock on approximately 20-30 doors for each 2-3 hour shift.

Compensation Structure:

  • $30 per qualified meeting for your first 30 meetings of your production month.
  • $40 for each additional qualified meeting you schedule for the rest of your production month.
  • $200 each time we sign a construction contract thanks to your lead.

Historical Outside Sales Metrics:

Our experience shows that outside sales partners should be able to generate 6 qualified meetings per every 100 knocks.  We usually close 60% of the meetings.

Next Step:

Please submit a short cover letter with your contact information which confirms your interest and availability to partner with us.