We are looking for respected leaders within the FA community to recruit high producing wealth advisors out of wire houses nationwide.

Managing producers, branch managers, wholesalers, FA’s who are very connected – We want to talk to you.

This is your big opportunity to capitalize on the relationships you have developed throughout your time in the financial services business.

The role is to generate leads for our client.

Our approach is to offer to educate your high producer friends about the various affiliation options which can have a major impact on how they move forward – in every respect of their business – both now and as they move towards getting value for their practice into retirement.

Specifically, our partners will educate traditional wire house and discount firm FA’s on how they can receive a much bigger payout by going independent/1099 – or go RIA or work with a RIA aggregator who is set up to help your prospects run their FA’s businesses at a fraction of what the wire houses/discounts charge.

Once there is interest from your leads, our partners take over and handle the recruiting process.

Again – we do not have to make the sale – this is a lead generation position – we open the door for them.

They have an outstanding internal recruiting team who will close the deal.